Spiritual Retreats

Take plenty of breaks from the social media, the news, the social gatherings around you so you can recover yourself spiritually and emotionally.

Spending time in solitude, especially with Quran and Dua, as that will act as a cover against setbacks in life .

How can you make the most out of your spiritual retreats? Schedule proper breaks, at least once or twice a week, and spend it away from your phone and the media.

Quran Will Make It Lighter

Whatever is overwhelming you in life, whatever burdens you are carrying on your shoulders and heart, staying close to the Quran will lighten your burdens for you.

A closer, consistent relationship with the Quran will help you hold yourself together and regain the balance you’re to have in managing your priorities.

Your Lord has not abandoned you

” مَا وَدَّعَكَ رَبُّكَ .. “
Your Lord ˹O Prophet˺ has not abandoned you – Surah ad Duha 3

Allah has always taken care of you, from the time you were in the world of spirits to the time you were sent to this earth. So, when any door of goodness is opened for you, and when you are given the chance to help someone, do it as you don’t know when the opportunity will be taken away.

Your greatest prayers, intentions and causes need to be associated with the goal of making it in the akhirah- afterlife – not this world alone.

He Will Take Care of Your Heart

As long as you hold onto your Quran, you will be all right.

As long as you come back to your Quran, you will be all right.

Love Allah with all of your heart- not half, not partially- all of it. No one will be kinder to you as Allah is. No one will show you mercy as much as Allah will.

Only He can pull you out of your stress, confusion and distress. Only He can answer your prayers, grant you your wishes and unspoken desires. Only Allah knows what’s taken hold of your heart, what’s keeping your mind occupied and what you are truly striving for.

Turn to Him using His Speech, His Book, and pray to Him using the prescribed prayers, the hours where you know He will respond to your call, whether early in the morning or the middle of the night.

Ask Allah and you will be blessed. Ask Allah and He will take care of your heart.

Book: By His Mercy

You feel like your dua (supplication) isn’t being answered? But maybe what you’re asking for, just maybe- your heart is not fully ready to receive it, not fully prepared to experience the blessing in its full measure. 

Not only does Allah answer our dua in terms of its content, but very importantly- He does so with knowledge of its immaculate timing.

So in the process of it all, embrace the wait.

He is not going to disappoint you. He wants to see your heart humbled towards Him, wants to see you patient and is delighted to hear the words of gratitude from you. For Him.

EPUB file: https://gum.co/quran6