Once in a while, it is good to share your completion of the Quran’s recitation with others around you, especially your family and friends. You will be encouraging others and motivating them to catch up, too.

Tilawah of the Quran provides our hearts with spiritual and emotional strength to carry on, and stability in faith where it is becoming much harder to hold onto our Deen in today’s time.

Don’t give up, keep reciting and encourage others to join you.

Daily Reminder

Connect daily with the Quran. Without it we won’t know Allah, nor will we know what He commands us to do.

Get to know Allah, then you’ll love Him, after which it you’ll be able to follow what He says.

Have a connection with Quran, the only way you can get to know Allah.

Quran & Arabic

Quran and Arabic go hand in hand, which means, studying both.

Give Quran the priority though- your hard work needs to add upwards instead of remaining stagnant over a period of time.

May need to elaborate more on this in the coming days.

Book: Quran is Your Companion

Make it a habit of always returning to Allaah and supplicating to Him. If you find your task difficult, ask Him to make it easy for you.

You remembered something you want, ask Allaah to grant it for you if there is khayr in it in this Life and the Next. If you’re angry, seek refuge in Him and ask Him to remove your anger.

If you find that you waste too much time, ask Him to guide you towards that which will benefit you. If you’re having a headache, ask Him to cure you.

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