A Khitma on Eid

There is no better time to recite Quran than now, especially on the day/night of Eid when it often gets neglected because we have other activities planned. A page wouldn’t hurt, a few verses would do your heart so much good.

One of our dearest sisters completed the recitation of Quran with me today (her evening). This was her first proper khitmah, making sure that she corrects herself and fixes her mistakes in the entire Quran so she won’t be making them ever again in the future.

It was quite emotional for her, and for me as a teacher. We started sometime during this year, and Allah made the journey easy for both of us to bond over Quran and to connect over His Book.

Once you get used to reciting at a certain time or duration, it will become easier for you to sit down and complete your daily wird (portion) of Quran and do more whenever you get the chance.

Even though we expected to finish right before Eid, Allah intended that it be the day of Eid for us, may Allah make recitation of the Quran easy for everyone and beloved to our hearts that we never ever give up on Quran.

Hifdh Students’ Onboarding Process

Here’s a short list to keep in mind anytime you begin a new semester, new classes or return back to start afresh with your students of Quran.

  • Welcome them
  • Use familiar and similar pages, checklists throughout
  • Reduce the time it takes to get to the main point
  • Encourage, and track their progress

Book: By His Mercy

You feel like your dua (supplication) isn’t being answered? But maybe what you’re asking for, just maybe- your heart is not fully ready to receive it, not fully prepared to experience the blessing in its full measure. 

Not only does Allah answer our dua in terms of its content, but very importantly- He does so with knowledge of its immaculate timing.

So in the process of it all, embrace the wait.

He is not going to disappoint you. He wants to see your heart humbled towards Him, wants to see you patient and is delighted to hear the words of gratitude from you. For Him.

EPUB file: https://gum.co/quran6

Your Recitation of the Quran

Your recitation of the Quran draws the Mercy of Allah closer to you. It fills your heart with the light of guidance from your Lord, and will erase boredom from your life.

Verses of the Quran are not just plain words sent down for you to recite- they are food for your heart, eyes, ears, tongue and your soul.

If you are able to recite Quran during the morning and evening, then thank Allah for His great gift of facilitating this recitation and making it easy for you to remain consistent.

If you find yourself among the gatherings of those who recite Quran, then, know that Allah has chosen to share the light of His Final Revelation with you. Use it to keep yourself steadfast and pull others closer to the light of your Lord.

People of the Quran have the sincerest and purest of hearts among all of your companions in this life, stay close to them, and help each other in doing more good. Share the blessing of Quran with your family and friends, and remind everyone often through your actions to give Quran priority.

Guard your tongue, eyes, ears and heart from indulging in things that will cause harm and take you away from the blessings of your Lord. Ask Allah to keep you steadfast, and start reciting today.

Even it’s only a page you can manage for now – just get started.

Book: There’s Peace Here

They say): “Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower.”

[Aal-i-Imraan: 8]

There’s peace in the recitation of the Quran, frequently looking into it, studying its meaning and sharing the message of this Blessed Book with others. Here’s another copy to give you a spiritual boost and tips on how to remain consistent with your daily portions of Quran.

EPUB file: https://gum.co/quran4