The Four Essentials – Part 1


The first two steps that aid in the memorisation and preservation of the Quran:

1- الحِفظُ

The first step consists of 3 actions that the student must take in sequence written down:

‎تجويد •
You can only study the theory of Tajweed from the books, and watch YouTube videos to understand better.

If you want to master the application of these rules, then you will have to go old school, and that is by practicing with a teacher who is strict yet gentle, consistent and steadfast with you, and puts you in your place with any big or small mistake by pointing it out.


The Four Essentials

F37F04D1-DFD6-46EC-A95E-1C701E6A3E55Knowledge isn’t sought when you’re free and have nothing else to do; knowledge is sought by freeing yourself for it and giving it a high priority every single day of your life.

Memorization of the Qurān does not happen in a day; you go through the 4 steps every single day of your life once you embark on this journey:

1- الحِفظُ

2- التّثبِيتُ

3- المُراجعَةُ

4- الإتقَانُ

I will elaborate on these four steps later, بإذن الله