Daily Reflection

When your day comes to an end, for a few minutes think about the amount of time you dedicated in your day to Quran- it’s recitation, reflection and putting its verses into action.

Did you also make time for memorisation, revision and reflection on your journey with the Quran in this day?

Also, what verses impacted your heart in this day?

Ask Allah For Everything

Ask Allah to fulfil your needs, your desires, your wishes, and even the things that you don’t realise you need for a peaceful life and a happy afterlife.

Whenever you open your Mus-haf, don’t just go through the verses to complete the pages for the day, but allow the verses of Quran to penetrate the walls of your heart and become a part of it.

Recite the Quran at dawn, and pray so that Allah fills your life with light and removes the curtains of darkness and depression.

Recite the Quran at night, so you can sleep with your heart at peace and centred around the purpose of your life here.

Only Allah can give you everything, and protect everything for you.

Your Lord has not abandoned you

” مَا وَدَّعَكَ رَبُّكَ .. “
Your Lord ˹O Prophet˺ has not abandoned you – Surah ad Duha 3

Allah has always taken care of you, from the time you were in the world of spirits to the time you were sent to this earth. So, when any door of goodness is opened for you, and when you are given the chance to help someone, do it as you don’t know when the opportunity will be taken away.

Your greatest prayers, intentions and causes need to be associated with the goal of making it in the akhirah- afterlife – not this world alone.

Translate Your Love into Action

If you want to memorise and revise your portion from the Quran, you must work on it daily, and for a good hour at the very least.

If you’re timing yourself just to check off a goal on your daily tasks’ list- you need to re-align your intentions with the bigger purpose of your life here.

Translate your love for the Quran into action and fill up your heart with the soothing words of your Lord.


If you cannot memorise, then revise.
If you cannot revise, then recite.
If you cannot recite, then listen to the Qur’an.

Just make sure that you maintain connection with it every day.

Your Efforts

Reciting Quran regularly brings clarity to the heart and strengthens your soul’s shield against the fitan around you.

Your efforts to maintain the memorisation and revision of the Quran will end upon your return to your Lord.

It is not something you can suspend or take an indefinite break from for as long as you are alive; you’ve to consistently review, reflect and the benefits of this habit compound over time.