Spiritual Retreats

Take plenty of breaks from the social media, the news, the social gatherings around you so you can recover yourself spiritually and emotionally.

Spending time in solitude, especially with Quran and Dua, as that will act as a cover against setbacks in life .

How can you make the most out of your spiritual retreats? Schedule proper breaks, at least once or twice a week, and spend it away from your phone and the media.

Add Barakah

If you ever felt there is a lack of blessing in your time, lack of focus when you attempt to get any important task done, then shield yourself with the Daily Adkhar.

The lack of remembrance of Allah makes us spiritually weak, and we need this spiritual energy to get us through the daily tasks and trials.

As Prophet Muhammad

As Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “The parable of the house in which Allah is remembered, and the house in which Allah is not remembered, is that of the living and the dead.”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6407, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 779

Daily Reflection

When your day comes to an end, for a few minutes think about the amount of time you dedicated in your day to Quran- it’s recitation, reflection and putting its verses into action.

Did you also make time for memorisation, revision and reflection on your journey with the Quran in this day?

Also, what verses impacted your heart in this day?

Ask Allah For Everything

Ask Allah to fulfil your needs, your desires, your wishes, and even the things that you don’t realise you need for a peaceful life and a happy afterlife.

Whenever you open your Mus-haf, don’t just go through the verses to complete the pages for the day, but allow the verses of Quran to penetrate the walls of your heart and become a part of it.

Recite the Quran at dawn, and pray so that Allah fills your life with light and removes the curtains of darkness and depression.

Recite the Quran at night, so you can sleep with your heart at peace and centred around the purpose of your life here.

Only Allah can give you everything, and protect everything for you.

Your Lord has not abandoned you

” مَا وَدَّعَكَ رَبُّكَ .. “
Your Lord ˹O Prophet˺ has not abandoned you – Surah ad Duha 3

Allah has always taken care of you, from the time you were in the world of spirits to the time you were sent to this earth. So, when any door of goodness is opened for you, and when you are given the chance to help someone, do it as you don’t know when the opportunity will be taken away.

Your greatest prayers, intentions and causes need to be associated with the goal of making it in the akhirah- afterlife – not this world alone.

Translate Your Love into Action

If you want to memorise and revise your portion from the Quran, you must work on it daily, and for a good hour at the very least.

If you’re timing yourself just to check off a goal on your daily tasks’ list- you need to re-align your intentions with the bigger purpose of your life here.

Translate your love for the Quran into action and fill up your heart with the soothing words of your Lord.

Your Recitation of the Quran

Your recitation of the Quran draws the Mercy of Allah closer to you. It fills your heart with the light of guidance from your Lord, and will erase boredom from your life.

Verses of the Quran are not just plain words sent down for you to recite- they are food for your heart, eyes, ears, tongue and your soul.

If you are able to recite Quran during the morning and evening, then thank Allah for His great gift of facilitating this recitation and making it easy for you to remain consistent.

If you find yourself among the gatherings of those who recite Quran, then, know that Allah has chosen to share the light of His Final Revelation with you. Use it to keep yourself steadfast and pull others closer to the light of your Lord.

People of the Quran have the sincerest and purest of hearts among all of your companions in this life, stay close to them, and help each other in doing more good. Share the blessing of Quran with your family and friends, and remind everyone often through your actions to give Quran priority.

Guard your tongue, eyes, ears and heart from indulging in things that will cause harm and take you away from the blessings of your Lord. Ask Allah to keep you steadfast, and start reciting today.

Even it’s only a page you can manage for now – just get started.